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St. Catharines Standard
Cancer survivor: 'I beat this, what can't I do now?'

Cheryl Clock Feb. 6, 2013


Her breasts were gone. The hair on her head was post-chemo fuzz. And Alana Somerville was tired of the puzzled second glances and subsequent forced explanations.

So she made herself a T-shirt, printed with the words: Yes they're fake! (My real ones tried to kill me)

Sure, it was part shock value, part humour. But by the time the 35-year-old Niagara Falls mom found the lump in her left breast, she wanted nothing more to do with them.

Her breasts had betrayed her.

CHCH Interview
Cancer survivor: 'I beat this, what can't I do now?'

 May 31, 2018


Think your life is busy?  Image adding a cancer diagnosis with all of its own challenges and stresses.  Alana Somervillehas written about her journey through illness and beyond in Holding on to Normal.

Global News Interview
Alana Somerville on surviving cancer

 May 3, 2018


Author Alana Somerville speaks on The Morning Show about surviving cancer and Holding on to Normal.


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