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Book Clubs

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Yes! I love meeting with book clubs. I attend in person or via Facetime or Skype, depending on your meeting location.  

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Questions for club discussion

1. Discuss the way in which the book is structured. Do you find that the short chapters make it easier to read about Alana’s experience of living meaningfully with her cancer diagnosis?

2. Near the beginning of the book, Alana wonders, “What is the right way to respond to the news that someone has a lump that may or may not be cancerous?” People respond in two ways: by saying things are going to be okay or changing the subject. Both come across as superficial or uncaring. How would you respond to Alana’s news?

3. Alana writes, “I divide my life into two parts: before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after.” How has her life changed, and what remains the same after the diagnosis? How have you responded to difficult situations in your life?  

4. Throughout the book, Alana advocates for the power of positive thinking. How does she use positive thinking to get through difficult experiences?

5. After Alana is diagnosed with cancer, she decides to read and educate herself about her disease and breast cancer in general. How does this help Alana understand her condition? In what ways does this process allow Alana to prepare for the diagnosis?

6. Alana writes about her first chemotherapy treatment in detail, and gives insight into an aspect of cancer that is often ignored. How does Alana’s transparency affect your perception of cancer and its treatment? 

Thanks! Alana will be in touch asap!

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